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Set of 24 cookie cutters and White Christmas House Tin Box

Set of 24 cookie cutters and White Christmas House Tin Box


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At Christmas, fill your home with the enveloping scent of freshly baked cookies! Prepare your favorite Christmas sweets and store them in the decorated tin box, exclusively designed for us by Chiara Franceschetti. When you eat them, you'll feel the warmth and joy of the festivities.

You will receive:

  • Box with 24 ejector cookie cutters, wheat yellow color, exclusively produced by Cocorò with original designs by Chiara Franceschetti.
  • Decorated tin box White House Christmas.
  • Links to video tutorials on how to use the cookie cutters.
  • Link to the video tutorial library for decorating icing cookies by Manuela Pezzopane of @manubiscottidecorati.
  • Postcard that can be used as a greeting card.

Ideas for using the Cocorò Cookie Cutter Set and Tin Box:

  1. Prepare cookies for yourself, your family, friends, and relatives with the 24 Christmas-themed cutters and store them in the tin box. Your cookies will stay fresh for longer, and your day will start with a smile.
  2. Gift idea for friends: Place the homemade cookies inside the box and give it to whoever you wish. In addition to the sweetness of the gift, they will receive a reusable box for every occasion.

Using the push-out cookie cutters is simple and suitable for children too: roll out the dough to a thickness of 5 or 3mm using rolling pin guides and cut it out with the cutters, pressing evenly on each corner. Place the cookies on a micro-perforated baking sheet and let them rest in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before baking. This step is useful to make them crispier and to maintain the shape and decoration well-defined during baking.

For washing: unscrew the hook and wash the 2 plastic parts by hand. When dry, screw the hook back on.

The cookie cutters have EU and US FDA certification for food contact.
The box is certified for food contact according to European regulations.

Box dimensions: 23,5x24x6,5 cm.
Tin box dimensions: 15x15x6,5 cm.
Cookie dimensions: da 4 a 8,5 cm.

List of subjects present on the push-out cookie cutters: Cottage, Gnome, Santa Claus, Gift, Sleigh, Christmas Tree, Snowman, Comet Star, Christmas Ball, Holly, Angel, Candle, Star, Snow Globe, Christmas Car, Drop-shaped Ball, Glove, Wreath, Gingerbread, Candy Cane, Snowflake, Stocking, Bell, Reindeer.

Manufacturer Cocorò
Theme Christmas
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