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About us

Cocorò Shop: where your creativity takes shape

Welcome to Cocorò Shop, the paradise for people passionate about pastry and creative cuisine! We are Dada, Barbara and Giulia, three friends who work with passion and enthusiasm to bring a smile to your home.

  • Dada is the heart and literally ‘the hands’ of Cocorò Shop. She loves cooking, experimenting, always getting in touch with new people who are a constant source of inspiration. She is curious about everything that is innovative. Her every intuition and creative idea translate into new products designed to make the kitchen experience special.
  • Giulia is the creative mind of the group, brilliant and imaginative. Her eyes are fixed on the computer, but her thoughts run fast in search of ideas and inspiration for new products.
  • Barbara is always in a hurry, she has little time for cooking but never gives up having a good homemade cake ready. She shares with you tricks and tools for achieving amazing results without stress.

How was Cocorò Shop born? It started from a very simple dream: we wanted a place where everyone, from curious beginners to professionals, could find the right tools and inspiration to unleash their creativity and amaze family and friends with surprising preparations.

Why Kokoro? Kokoro in Japanese has many meanings but one above all struck us: heart. We firmly believe that everything, to be done well, must be done with the heart.

What will you find at Cocorò Shop? We have travelled, researched and tested everything for you, selecting quality items that are useful, practical, durable and sustainable. The result is a wide range of products including cake moulds, biscuit cutters, decorative rolling pins, baking trays for bread, pizza and much more.

In recent years, we have been committed to designing and manufacturing new Cocorò-branded products. We offer our knowledge and experience in the sector to create tools and accessories that turn your passion into amazing recipes. This has led to the Advent Calendar and Stencil collections for decorating, among other things, biscuits, cakes, bread, pasta

Cocorò Shop is not just an online shop. It is a community of people with the same interests, ready to exchange ideas, suggestions and recipes.

What makes us special? We have passion, commitment and the desire to share the joy of creating with you. We are always ready to give you advice and help you to find the perfect products for your needs.

Our mission? It is as simple as ambitious: to make you happy with health-safe and environmentally friendly products, but also to give you creative ideas and attentive assistance both before and after the purchase.

Your passion for cooking, our talent for making it happen

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