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Bags and ribbons

Here you'll find a carefully curated selection of bags ideal for packaging and presenting cookies, chocolates, pastries, muffins and sweets. From rustic to sophisticated, we have a wide range of styles and sizes to meet all your needs.

Our cookie bags are made with high-quality materials that preserve the freshness and flavor of your treats. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, special events, or simply enjoying a homemade sweet. They are the ideal choice for both home use and professional bakeries. Choose from our transparent bags to showcase your creations, or opt for paper bags or decorated ones to add that extra touch to your packaging.

If you're a Christmas enthusiast, we have bags with festive motifs perfect for the holiday season! Whether you're a lover of homemade pastries or a professional in the industry, we invite you to explore our collection to make your recipes even more delicious and enjoyable.