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The "Advent Calendar Box with Windows" is a LIMITED and EXCLUSIVE product available only from Cocorò. This product was created in collaboration with the illustrator Chiara @lefacciotte.

The cardboard box with little windows was designed to pair with our push-out cookie cutters available in the 24 Christmas Molds Box, but you can also use it to store cookies made with the shapes you already have, or to contain small gifts, chocolates, candies,...

In each window, you can fit up to 2 cookies (made with a thickness of 5mm). Alternatively, you can insert the cookie cutters in each window to give a superb gift to a baking enthusiast friend.

Together with the box with windows, you will receive:

  • food-grade plastic bags to package the cookies;
  • adhesive labels to seal the bags;
  • a template that will help you determine the spaces where to place the cookies, in case you decide to match the cookie cutters;
  • a card with a QR code to access the content library.

Calendar Dimensions: 42x30x2 cm.

Manufacturer Cocorò
Theme Christmas
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