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Conditions of sale

1. Introduction

COCORO’ and COCORO’ SHOP are trademarks of the company STILCOLOR SERVICE SRL.

These general conditions of sale apply in full to every order, unless the customer has been provided with special exceptions, written and sent to them by STILCOLOR SERVICE SRL, hereinafter referred to as the “seller”.

Placing an order implies full acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

2. Prices

The prices shown on our website include VAT and do not include delivery costs, which are subsequently calculated once items have been added to the cart.

In some cases, customers may see a promotional price advertised, with a discount as compared to the normal price shown on the website.

The presence, duration and extent of any such promotions are decided unilaterally by the seller. Promotions may end earlier than expected or be extended at the sole and absolute discretion of the seller.

3. Orders

There are no minimum order quantities. Evidently, the lower the total of the items ordered, the higher the delivery costs will be as a proportion of the overall total.

Payment must be made in advance, except where the cash on delivery option is selected.

4. Payment

The default forms of payment accepted are: 

  • Bank transfer in advance
  • PayPal
  • Credit/debit card (via Stripe)
  • Cash on delivery (only for Italy)

If payment has been made by bank transfer in advance, the order will only be processed after confirmation that the transfer has been received by our bank. In this case, we ask that customers send the receipt for their bank transfer via email to [email protected].

For users who require an invoice, this must be requested at the time when the order is being placed. Any sales invoices requested after the order is placed will not be issued.

5. Returns and goods sent back for replacement due to damage in transport

Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to check:

- that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is shown in the packing slip or accompanying invoice

- that the packaging is intact and not damaged, wet or otherwise tampered with, also as regards the sealing materials (adhesive tape or other materials).

If even a single one of the packages is damaged, the customer must sign for it with the note “ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE - PACKAGE DAMAGED” or, if they intend to refuse delivery of the goods, “REFUSED - GOODS DAMAGED IN TRANSPORT”.

If the courier refuses to allow the customer to report the incident, it is always advisable to refuse delivery of the package, instead requesting that it be returned to the sender due to its contents being damaged. Should this occur, the courier and seller must then be notified of the condition of the package by and no later than 3 days after receipt of the goods.

For greater protection in the case of insured or uninsured delivery, always check the integrity of the packages, and even if the packages appear to be intact, it is essential to sign the packing slip with the words “ACCEPTED WITH RESERVE - GOODS RECEIVED UNCHECKED” so that the delivery company’s insurance is obliged to compensate for any damage, even if it not immediately clear.

If the customer discovers any damage to the items received upon opening the package, this must be documented and both the courier and seller notified by and no later than 3 days after receipt of the goods.

As such, we advise our customers to check the condition of the items they have received immediately and very carefully upon receipt, as it will not be possible to accept requests for replacement due to damage after the third day following receipt of the package.

Please note that both delivery and any damage to the goods that may occur in transport are the responsibility of the customer purchasing them, and as such, it is also up to the customer to make a claim against the courier’s insurance in the event of an incident. However, the seller will endeavour to help the customer in any way possible to claim against the courier and its insurance in the event of goods being damaged in transport.

6. Delayed or undeliverable packages

In the event that a package is not delivered within the expected timeframe, the customer is advised to contact the seller via email or phone to report this.

The seller will then immediately check the status of the delivery to see if it has merely been delayed, or if there is some other issue involved (e.g. wrong address, recipient not present, etc.).

In the event that it has not proven possible to make the delivery due to the recipient not being present, the courier will usually make a second delivery attempt before placing the package in storage. However, if delivery of the goods cannot be taken due to the customer’s repeated absence from the address, and the package is subsequently placed into storage, the resulting fees will be borne by the customer.

In the event of failure to deliver, as detailed above, the courier will open a case and the seller will be duly notified. The customer must provide the correct address for delivery to be reattempted, and the storage fees must be paid to the courier when this delivery is made. In the event that delivery is impossible due to the customer having provided incorrect information and the goods are returned to the seller’s warehouse, the customer will be issued with a refund for the goods, net of all the costs incurred for their delivery, storage and return.

In order to minimise the occurrence of this type of problem, customers are advised to provide easily-identifiable delivery addresses with a house number and the name of the recipient shown on a sign or entryphone button.

This is because it can happen that the courier, failing to find any mention of the recipient on the entryphone or any signs around the address, marks the package as impossible to deliver due to an incorrect or incomplete address.

Please also note that someone must be at the address provided in order to take delivery of the package on the days when delivery is expected.

7. Cancellation of an order

The customer may cancel the order by simply notifying the seller via email at [email protected], provided that the order has not yet been dispatched or one of the conditions set out in point 8 applies.

8. Late cancellation

8.1 - Order with payment in advance

If the order is cancelled after the goods have been dispatched, the customer shall nonetheless be required to take delivery of the goods and subsequently request authorisation to return them.

Once the goods have been returned, a credit note will be issued and the customer will be refunded the amount paid, minus the delivery and insurance costs for both the original delivery and the return.

Even if the customer refuses to accept delivery of the goods in order to avoid having to subsequently return them, they will still be obliged to reimburse the seller for the delivery and insurance costs already incurred, in addition to the delivery and insurance costs for the courier to return the goods to the seller.

8.2 - Order with payment by cash on delivery (only for Italy)

If a customer, having placed an order for goods to be paid for with cash on delivery which was accepted by the seller, subsequently decides to cancel the order after the goods have already been dispatched, they are nonetheless obliged to take delivery of the goods and immediately request a return for a full refund of the amount paid, net of the delivery costs incurred.

Even if the customer refuses to accept delivery of the goods in order to avoid having to subsequently return them, they will still be obliged to reimburse the seller for the delivery, insurance and cash on delivery service costs already incurred, in addition to the delivery and insurance costs for the courier to return the goods to the seller.

9. Guarantee

The seller has accepted and applies the “European Guarantee of Conformity” offered to the “Consumer” (End User), which provides coverage for 24 months, as of the date of purchase, against any manufacturing defects or non-conformities that the product purchased may be revealed to have.

The “Commercial Guarantee” offered by the manufacturer is valid for 12 months, unless otherwise stated.

The guarantee does not cover products that have been tampered with, repaired by third parties or used in any way other than according to their intended conditions of use.

Products deemed to be defective, and which in the Supplier’s sole opinion do indeed prove to be defective, may be repaired or replaced without the Supplier being held liable in any way for any direct or indirect damage caused.

Requests for returns must be sent to the seller in writing and should be sent via email to [email protected].

Once the Purchaser has received authorisation for the return, they must send the potentially defective product back to the seller at their own risk and expense.

The objects will be checked, and a decision will then be made on whether to repair or replace them, depending on the circumstances.

The guarantee for consumables is rendered void the first time they are used.

The related delivery costs are always borne by the customer, unless otherwise indicated by the seller in the return authorisation email.

10. Liability

When placing an order, the purchaser assumes responsibility for observing the legal and safety regulations associated with the use of the products they are purchasing. As such, the Seller cannot be held in any way liable for any and all direct or indirect damage caused to people or property by the improper use of the products supplied. Under no circumstances can the Seller be held liable, even indirectly, for the unsuccessful or inadequate performance of the products and/or any consequent damage arising therefrom.

11. Rights and obligations of the customer

Persons under 18 years of age are prohibited from ordering and purchasing any products from the website. Customers are prohibited from entering false, invented and/or fictitious details when registering on the website and placing an order. The customer is solely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of information and details provided, and undertakes to notify the seller of any changes thereto in a timely manner.

Upon confirmation of the purchase order, the customer declares that: a) they have read, understood and accepted the general conditions of sale; b) they authorise Cocorò to process the personal data provided at the time of purchase, and to submit to Cocorò any personal data required to process their payment according to the method selected.

Assistance: for any assistance or support issues relating to the products purchased, the customer may contact Cocorò by phone on +39 039-9208700 or via email at [email protected].

Complaints: any complaints should be sent via email to [email protected]; these will be processed and addressed within a maximum of thirty days from receipt.