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Extendable Rectangular Perforated Baking Tray

Extendable Rectangular Perforated Baking Tray


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With the Perforated Bottom Tray, you can create sweet and savory recipes such as pizzas, focaccias, brioches, rolls, or tasty cookies. The holes at the base allow heat to circulate freely across the entire surface for perfect cooking and browning. From now on, your dishes will no longer have moist and undercooked bottoms.

The tray is extendable, so it fits the dimensions of your oven and can replace the drip pan.

The non-stick material of the perforated trays is of top quality and ensures that nothing sticks to the bottom of the tray.

For recipes that require seasoning or might release liquids during cooking, we recommend placing reusable parchment paper over the perforated tray. It's easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Use the tray without parchment paper for making shortcrust pastry cookies and small pizzas. Use the perforated tray with parchment paper for baking homemade bread, focaccias, vegetables, and meatballs.

Dimensions of the Perforated Tray: 36 -> 52 x 33cm.

Height: 3cm.

Manufacturer Birkmann
Material Coated aluminum
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