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Tin box 'I love Baking' h 8 cm

Tin box 'I love Baking' h 8 cm


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The "I love Baking" cookie tin is elegant and unique thanks to the exclusive designs made for Cocorò by Chiara Franceschetti of @le_facciotte. This version has a height of 8 cm and is suitable for use as a box for storing cookies, sweets, utensils, molds, and much more. A perfect combination of functionality and style, it's also ideal as a gift box!

Cookie tins are a must-have accessory for pastry enthusiasts as they help to keep cookies fresh and crisp for longer. It is made of high-quality tin and consists of a white base and a white lid with pastry-themed doodle designs. Its simple and minimalist design makes it perfect to always be on display in the kitchen, everyone will love it!

Dimensions: 12.5x18x8 cm.

Theme Basic
Material Tin
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